Wishing everyone happy times, health and hope for the future.

Creativity, passion, hobbies and dreams that fulfil grey winter days. 

They said after the cold time the spring awaits. We can create our future with our hands, but as the Chinese proverb said, be sure that if no wind, no wave.

The present is a shooting start. I think, we all are learning to value, even more, all the small details that make us happy. Days becomes weeks and time is more an illusion than it used to be.

Today is the winter solstice. Jupiter and Saturn appear closer in Earth's night sky than they have in nearly 400 years. Magical day, astrological athmospheres for dreams and hopes in this year. Also, enriching us with courage and kindness to overcome these difficult times, it iluminate us in our darkest days.

Wishing everyone energy and peace. Remember, always look to the sky, even if you don't see the stars tonight, it doesn't mean they aren't there with you.

inesjpedras geometries

by Ines J Pedras.

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