New perspectives in Artworks | July 2020.

Dear reader,

Thanks a lot for all your support!

I am really happy that more than 30 people already have one of Pedras Design pieces at their homes!.

Hope my art is bringing light and inspiration to your everyday life. They used to belong to my travel experiences so even more during these days where travelling is not as it used to be.

I wish you can get the essence of the all this cities and countries. The architecture, atmospheres, movements..ect that I felt in those moments are all with you now! (or coming).

I sometimes described them as " new windows", as the rectagular shape of the surface, and then framed, where the new creations come to life, reminds me as glass screen connectors between this reality and other dimensions.

Specially during this 2020 were many cities were in lockdown because of Covid19, I was realising how important is art bringing hope and joy during different, and maybe difficult moments. You can observe a landscape,collage,abstract artwork and it could probably change your moods or feelings and inmerse yourself into your new perspectives and /or daydreams.

Times are chaging so having this online gallery is a great opportunity to reach a global audience and directly come to you ( in a very sustainable way) so again I am very happy with it, and hope you too! ( thanks to all the beautiful feedbacks).

Thank you !


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